Easy-Spray Laundry Detergent
Easy-Spray Laundry Detergent
Easy-Spray Laundry Detergent
Easy-Spray Laundry Detergent
Easy-Spray Laundry Detergent
Easy-Spray Laundry Detergent

Easy-Spray Laundry Detergent

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Powerful spray laundry detergent attacks stains and protects fabrics while reinventing the task of laundry. Smaller than typical detergents, this lightweight, liftable spray laundry detergent requires no measuring and leaves no drippy mess. Simply spray and get on with your day. Made smaller and with less plastic than traditional packages, this compact bottle won’t add to clutter. Formulated with breakthrough BIO-IOS, a proprietary plant-based surfactant, it won’t leave behind residues and rinses cleanly and completely, even in cold water. 98% biodegradable, phosphate-free, plant-powered formula** is safe for sensitive skin. Part of the "Bottle for Life" system to reduce plastic by 90%*.

Scent: A clean, fresh, naturally breezy fragrance.
Size: 12.8 FL OZ / 379 mL
Easy-Spray Laundry Detergent
2X Refill

*Refill vs. primary package
**65% plant-derived

There is comfort and security where there is order and cleanliness, which inspired the compact package that won’t contribute to the chaos of clutter for the ultimate clean, without compromise.


    A minimalist approach to maximum clean, this plant-powered detergent attacks stains and protects fabrics. The concentrated formula delivers heavy-duty cleaning and odor-eliminating power in a lightweight, liftable compact bottle that is easy to handle and doesn’t take up space.


    In Japan, a clean and orderly home is a sign of care and respect. Keeping clothes and fabrics at their best helps them last longer to reduce waste. Our concentrated formula in a lightweight, liftable, bulk-free spray bottle helps people of all ages and abilities achieve these goals. The compact package doesn’t take up space or add to the chaos of clutter and helps to reduce the world’s plastic problem with the Bottle for Life system, including a refill package with 90% less plastic than the primary package. Formulated to rinse clean with a single rinse - even in cold water - to help conserve precious resources, MyKirei by KAO formulas are free of phthalates, parabens, and phosphates.

BIO-IOS is our proprietary, plant-based, sustainable surfactant technology with heavy-duty cleaning and odor-eliminating power. Our detergent, powered by BIO-IOS surfactant, won’t leave residue behind, rinses cleanly and completely even in cold water, and avoids deforestation and impact on food supplies.

Direct nozzle into a washing machine. Operate lever to dispense liquid detergent into the machine. Depress the lever completely. For the first use, 1) remove red stopper; 2) a few pumps may be required before liquid detergent comes out.

Learn more about how to recycle MyKirei by KAO packaging with TerraCycle®.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
I love that it's mess-free!

The MyKirei laundry detergent is a great mess free laundry solution. With no dust, leaky spout or sticky cup, I love that I can incorporate my young children in the process of cleaning laundry and not worry about a mess to clean up. It is so fun and easy for them to spray the detergent. I also love that the product is eco-friendly.

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Overall great!

I liked how you can adjust the amount of soap with how many squirts.
Fresh smelling.
No residue.
Only 2 negatives... the instructions were so small, I had to put readers on 🤓
And, maybe make the bottle a little bigger, so you don't have to refill so often

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A great experience

Using the new MyKirei laundry detergent has been a great experience. The detergent is in a lightweight bottle, so easy to use, no spills, and the smell is amazing. With two little ones at home, having one less mess to clean up is key!

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Feeling clean & smelling fresh

MyKirei laundry detergent left my clothes feeling clean and smelling fresh. It was refreshing to have such a compact and easy-to-use product to replace my large plastic jug of traditional laundry detergent. This product is great for the Earth and my laundry room cupboard space.

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Dana C
Beautiful, Light Scent

I'm someone who struggles with scent-induced migraines. I've been trying to find a brand for a while that would meet in the middle - my family does want their laundry items to smell "clean," but I need a light scent to feel my best. I can finally say I've found the right detergent - it's a light, breezy fragrance that's soft enough for my health and just enough for my family to be happy with the smell of clean laundry. Thank you MyKirei!

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