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Our unique approach to sustainability is holistic and complete, extending beyond the environment to make life more sustainable for ourselves and our societies. We consider every global challenge—climate change to aging societies, resource scarcity, and plastic waste—and how we can improve it. We promote more sustainable lifestyles that embody simplicity without sacrifice. At the heart of it, all are high-performance products that deliver the care that our consumers expect and deserve, combined with good benefits for all.

Care for yourself with products that combine performance and purpose, making your every day more beautiful.

Care for society through resourceful, respectful, thoughtful choices that benefit the greater good.

Care for the environment through a more sustainable way of living that leaves nothing behind but beauty.

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We believe plastic should be made within limits our planet can safely handle. Plastic should never enter nature; every piece should either be reused or recycled. Plastic that has already entered the environment should be recovered and renewed. But recycling alone is not enough. We strive to transform the world of plastic packaging through materials, technology, and design. We want to minimize the amount of plastic we use and empower our consumers to use less packaging and recycle more. This innovation and desire to change the status quo can help forever alter the global plastic problem.

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Every MyKirei by KAO product is created with great care because we are committed to ensuring our consumers and our environment's health and safety. Our ingredients are held to the highest possible standards to create formulas that deliver the experience you expect while lessening the environmental impact. Our fragrances are formulated with safety, comfort, and enjoyment in mind. Our products are environmentally friendly, safe, and effective, so you can care for yourself without compromising your family's or the planet's future.

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Our fragrance philosophy emphasizes delivering an elevated, joyful experience supported by research, analysis, assessment, and transparency. Our in-house team of experts is dedicated to creating fragrances that can be enjoyed safely and with total peace of mind. That's why our formulations are compliant and backed by safety data and meet the guidelines of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). And we strive to improve transparency so that accurate information about products and ingredients is accessible to everyone.

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In Japan, Kao is known for enriching lives and changing the way people live through innovation. Years ago, to reduce plastic use, waste, and container size, Kao ushered in the "refill revolution" with their introduction of plastic film refill packaging. Their breakthrough helped move the market to make 80% of all packaging refillable. Since then, Kao has introduced the RecyCreation Program, an initiative to avoid throwing products away after use. In collaboration with residents of local communities, used refill packs are collected and recycled into polymers and then upcycled into something entirely new. The current program turns the old film packages into building blocks donated to children's hospitals and other deserving outlets. With the launch of MyKirei by KAO, Kao hopes to drive the next big packaging revolution and a gentler, more sustainable way of life for us all.