Subscription Benefits

Exclusive Savings

Exclusive Savings

Enjoy 10% off every subscription order plus free shipping.
Use code FREESHIP at checkout.

Auto Refills

Auto Refills

Never run out of your favorite products with auto-shipping on your selected refills.

Subscribe Your Way

Subscribe Your Way

You decide how often to receive new orders, plus you can modify, skip or cancel your subscription anytime.

Leave Nothing behind but beauty

Leave Nothing Behind but Beauty

By using our 100% recyclable* refills you can help reduce plastic waste.

*100% recyclable by

Joining our Kirei Refill Renewal program is quick and easy!

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Add your favorite product refills to your cart, select Subscribe & Save and how often you want to receive a delivery.

Peace of Mind

Checkout as usual and enjoy the convenience of automatic delivery product refills.


Never run out of your favorite 100% recyclable MyKirei by KAO product refills. The subscription service is a simple, worry-free way to save time and money, plus keeps your Bottles for Life filled for the future. Based on the subscription frequency you select, your auto-order will arrive at your door, at a 10% savings and ships free, every time when you enter FREESHIP at checkout. Our subscription service requires no commitment, is easy to join and update as needed, so you can change frequency, skip a month or cancel anytime.

When you join, you’ll select which products you wish to receive automatically and how often you want to receive them (every 30, 60, 90, 120 days, etc.). You’ll receive regular shipments based on those choices. Your subscription will continue for each subscription period unless modified or canceled. Each subscription period your credit card will be charged for the cost of your products, plus sales tax. You may modify or cancel your subscription at any time. There are no fees to join, and no minimum purchase required. Please review the Kirei Refill Renewal Terms & Conditions in detail here.

You can modify your subscription plan right from your Account page at any time. Simply click on Account, then Manage Subscription to access your subscription features. Any changes you make will be reflected in your next scheduled shipment, unless changes are initiated while an order is in process (i.e., when your card has been charged but you have not yet received your shipment). Those changes will be reflected once your current order has been completed.

Your future orders may be viewed by accessing your Account (icon top right of website), then click My Subscription, Upcoming Orders.

You can cancel your Kirei Refill Renewal subscription anytime right from your Account. Access your Account, My Subscription, at bottom click on Cancel Subscription. If you cancel before your card is charged for the next recurring payment, your subscription will terminate automatically, and MyKirei by KAO will not charge your payment provider for any subsequent subscription periods. If you cancel while an order is in process (i.e., when your card has been charged but you have not yet received your shipment), MyKirei by KAO will continue to process your order and send to you. After this final order has shipped, your subscription will terminate automatically.

Please review the Kirei Refill Renewal Terms & Conditions in detail here.

Leave Nothing Behind but Beauty

traditional Japanese house
traditional Japanese house


Download your free shipping label at

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Send in your AIR bottles and refill pouches to be recycled

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Give Back

Earn rewards for your school or favorite non-profit