Our Story

WE ARE MyKirei by KAO

A collection of products inspired by the uniquely Japanese philosophy of Kirei, which promotes living a beautiful life of balance, cleanliness, order, simplicity, well-being, and sustainability. We make purposeful, innovative lifestyle products that create moments of perfect harmony—what we call kirei that connect us all. Because you should never have to compromise efficacy for the future of your family and planet. With MyKirei by KAO, bring home meaningful simplicity and leave behind only beauty.


Japanese tea ceremony
Flower Illustration

Inspired by the Japanese belief that caring for yourself, your society and the world around you is the key to simple, beautiful living.

rice water in bowl near cherry blossom stem

We blend and balance the rich treasures of Japanese tradition and folklore with innovation and technology. Our products are created with and promote balance - from the philosophy that inspires us, to the trusted ingredients in our formulas, to the ground-breaking, plastic-reducing AIR bottle.

father and son playing board game

Respect for our consumer and a sense of responsibility is at the core of everything we do. Through thoughtful design, careful intent, and purposeful products, we show consideration, compassion, and a commitment to pioneering a more gentle, sustainable way of living.


As our guiding principle, Kirei goes beyond external beauty to include health, wellness, and peace of mind. The Kirei lifestyle is about enjoying today, knowing that those joys will be there tomorrow. It is expressing who you truly are, with the confidence that you're walking the right path - even in the smallest moments. It's about recognizing that we are all connected and inspiring positive action. And it's about making every day more beautiful for ourselves, creating a wave of good in our society, and making an impact on the world around us.

woman standing outside
the ocean connecting to land in a harmonious way

We are connected to nature, so we must take care of it.

mother and son washing hands

There is comfort and security where there is order and cleanliness.

person holding small bowl

When there is too much, even valuable things lose their value.

young family walking on beach at sunset