Consumers are increasingly interested to understand what materials are within the fragrances of personal care products. The driving force behind this is that “fragrance” (or “parfum”) listed in the ingredient statement on the package could consist of 10 – 200 different fragrance materials. For those who experience allergies to fragrances, it is not possible to know by solely looking at the ingredient list which specific fragrance ingredients are in the product.

These complex fragrances are not protected by mechanisms like copyrights or patents. Instead, they are proprietary to the Fragrance Manufacturer that developed the scent, and those recipes are closely held similar to those of popular drinks or restaurant foods. Kao is committed to providing as much information about our ingredients as possible. Through closely controlled processes set out by contracts, our Fragrance Suppliers have committed to confirm which fragrance materials are present at 0.01% or higher within our individual products.

Based on this agreement, we are able to share only those materials that are present at 0.01% or higher. Other materials that are present below that level are not able to be disclosed. Please contact us for additional assistance if you have concerns or questions.

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