woman meditating
woman meditating

Live Kirei

A gentle, sustainable, more beautiful way of life, for the future of our families and the planet.


The MyKirei by KAO brand was designed to help people live a more beautiful life, inside and out, where making your own life clean and beautiful never compromises the beauty and cleanliness of the world around you.

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As our guiding principle, Kirei goes beyond external beauty to include health, wellness and peace-of-mind. The Kirei Lifestyle is about enjoying today, knowing that those joys will be there tomorrow . . . It is expressing who you truly are, with the confidence that you're walking the right path - even in the smallest moments. . . It's about recognizing that we are all connected, inspiring positive action. And it's about making everyday more beautiful for ourselves, creating a wave of good in our society and making an impact on the world around us.


Living a Kirei life doesn't require complex changes or sacrifice. We can all seek and create beauty for ourselves, while we do the same for other people and the natural world around us. The MyKirei by KAO brand helps make this simple, meaningful way of life possible and empower people to take care of themselves without ever compromising the future of their family or the planet.

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Meaningful Simplicity

We believe that less is more. That when there is too much, nothing stands out and even valuable things lose their value. But when there is less, there is focus, clarity and order that lets us see and appreciate the beauty all around us and the things that matter most.


MyKirei by KAO lifestyle products help create the moments of perfect harmony that connect us all.

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