MyKirei and TerraCycle

The MyKirei by KAO Eco-Holder's functional design is a packaging revelation: With its sturdy, rigid and reusable outer shell, and clip in pouch refills, it can become a lasting, purposeful possession. As such, it is made not to stand out, but to fit with visual harmony in any environment. Featuring meaningful, Japanese designs, this “un-bottle” is worthy of your vanity, nightstand, or countertops. Caring for your skin just got a lot more beautiful.

Eco-Holder and Eco-Pouch refill system reduce plastic by 75%*. Plus, the Eco-Pouch is 100% Recyclable with TerraCycle®.**.

It's the sustainable beauty of the Eco-Holder packaging that is even more innovative. The answer to the waste created by traditional bottles, the Eco-Holder requires less plastic to make and is conveniently reusable and reduces plastic waste by 75%*. Unlike traditional refill packages, this system requires no pouring or storing.

*Pouch refill vs. traditional lotion package **

MyKirei and TerraCycle


Furoshiki is a symbol of meaningful simplicity.

An important part of Japanese culture for centuries, this purposeful piece of fabric is valued for its numerous uses and shows how we all can do more with less. Over 1,200 years ago, Furoshiki was used to wrap and store treasures of the imperial households. Over time Furoshiki gained more uses, to carry tools or food, as a gift wrap or as a decorative wall hanging.

Today Furoshiki is more useful than ever for its ability to help reduce reliance on single-use products like gift wrap, which is typically made from hard-to-recycle material and results in over two million pounds of landfill waste every year. The Furoshiki itself is a beautiful and thoughtful gift that can be used again and again. This multipurpose fabric may also be used as a scarf, DIY tote, or even a colorful bandana. Using Furoshiki as a gift wrap alternative allows you to give gifts sustainably, reduce waste and leave nothing behind but beauty.

MyKirei and TerraCycle

We’ve partnered with TerraCycle®, a social enterprise on a mission to eliminate the idea of waste, to recycle the AIR bottles and refill packs, with an extra benefit to you. Download your free shipping label and send your AIR bottles to be recycled to earn rewards for your school or favorite non-profit!

Learn more about how to recycle MyKirei by KAO packaging with TerraCycle®.