Paw Print Foam Hand Wash + Refill Saver Set

Yuzu Extract

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Paw Print Foam Hand Wash + Refill Saver Set
MyKirei by KAO Paw Print Foam Hand Wash
MyKirei by KAO Paw Print Foam Hand Wash makes handwashing easier for the whole family.
Yuzu ingredient featured in several MyKirei by KAO products.

Paw Print Foam Hand Wash + Refill Saver Set

Yuzu Extract

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A moment of joy and feel-good fun in every pump, in the shape of a paw print of your favorite furry friend! Rich cloud-cream foam hand wash and refill saver set. Instantly wash away germs and impurities while nourishing skin to promote healthy hands. Suitable for all skin types and gentle for even the littlest hands and sensitive skin. Pediatrician and dermatologist-tested. Refill package and “Bottle for Life” helps reduce plastic waste by 86%*. Refill film package is 100% recyclable with TerraCycle®.

Scent: The fresh, uplifting citrus fragrance of Yuzu fruit.
recommended-productPaw Print Foam Hand Wash
Paw Print Foam Hand Wash

Yuzu Extract

*Refill vs. primary package.

This recyclable Hand Wash & Refill gives new meaning to everyday rituals and helps us all to live every day with care for the earth.


    A 99% biodegradable foaming hand soap infused with Japanese Yuzu fruit extract and Rice Water, with advanced cleansing technology that leaves hands feeling clean and nourished, packaged in the environmentally friendly, refillable “Bottle for Life.”


    We believe in finding moments of joy and beauty in even the most simple, everyday tasks. The feel-good design dispenses the perfect amount of foaming hand soap in a paw print shape of a furry friend to encourage and promote frequent and proper hand washing while making it easier for people of all ages and abilities to wash their hands. MyKirei by KAO hand wash formulas are phthalate, paraben, mineral oil and artificial dye-free, plus vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Place your MyKirei by KAO Foam Hand Wash bottle on a flat surface and remove the pump lid. Carefully fill the bottle with the refill. Replace the lid and pump bottle as directed to create a fun foam paw print. The pouch does not re-close once opened. Use entire contents to refill.

Learn more about how to recycle MyKirei by KAO packaging with TerraCycle®.

MyKirei Foam Hand Wash and Refill


The most innovative cleansing technology, a luxurious cloud-cream foam and a formula that’s as gentle on skin as it is on the environment - that’s the balance and beauty of MyKirei by KAO. In Japanese culture, treating skin with great care and avoiding harsh formulas is a primary concern. Consumers demand foam formulas that are gentle, but also effective as a key part of their daily rituals.

Our foam formulas are balanced, to cleanse without stripping while indulging skin in a rich, creamy texture. Our foam spreads easily, without lathering and cleanses without excessive scrubbing. It rinses off with ease, leaving skin feeling completely clean. Even the pump dispensers are designed to plus the foam output, enhancing the foam as it’s dispensed, for the ultimate pampering cleansing experience.

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Disne Handley
Paw Print foam wash

I love it! It smells so good.