Nourishing Body Wash

Yuzu & Rice Water

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MyKirei by KAO Nourishing Body Wash
MyKirei by KAO Nourishing Body Wash
MyKirei by KAO Nourishing Body Wash
MyKirei by KAO Nourishing Body Wash
MyKirei by KAO Nourishing Body Wash swatch
Yuzu Fruit is one of the main ingredients in the MyKirei by KAO Nourishing Body Wash

Nourishing Body Wash

Yuzu & Rice Water

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This ultra-gentle gel with plant-based cleansers energizes and nourishes, leaving skin velvety soft and smooth. Formulated with Vitamin C-rich Yuzu Extract, known to visibly plump skin and promote clarity, and soothing Rice Water. Balanced Cleansing Technology creates a rich, luxurious lather to cleanse and prevent rough, uneven texture. Safe for sensitive, eczema-prone skin. Our patented AIR Bottle is made with up to 50% less plastic* and is 100% recyclable**.

Scent: The fresh, uplifting citrus fragrance of Yuzu fruit.
Size: 16.9 FL OZ / 500mL
recommended-productNourishing Body Wash Refill
Nourishing Body Wash Refill

Yuzu & Rice Water

*MyKirei by KAO vs. traditional bottles.
**100% Recyclable by TerraCycle®.

This body wash, with its traditional ingredients, is inspired by the centuries-old Japanese tradition of bathing in Yuzu fruit, an annual ritual that symbolizes and promotes cleanliness and good health for the year ahead.


    Made for all skin types, this ultra-mild body wash leaves skin soft, supple and nourished. With a plant-based cleansing system and Balanced Cleansing Technology, this body wash effectively washes away germs, impurities and pollution, without stripping skin of vital moisture, minimizing roughness for smooth, soft skin. Infused with Japanese Yuzu fruit extract and Rice Water. Breakthrough AIR bottle design allows for maximum dispensing and reduced waste.


    It’s not enough to simply make a skin-loving body wash. When it comes to formulating products, we think of every detail and how it impacts the individual and the world around them. Unlike typical body washes, this advanced formula was designed to rinse quickly and cleanly. That means less water is required for rinsing and leaving skin feeling completely cleansed and conditioned. MyKirei by KAO body wash formulas are phthalate, paraben, mineral oil and artificial dye-free, plus vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Pump body wash onto pouf, wash cloth or hands. Work into a rich lather, wash and rinse.

Learn more about how to recycle MyKirei by KAO packaging with TerraCycle®.

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews

This body wash leave you clean but also soft.


Took a while bu smells good thatbi would buy it again.


Nourishing Body Wash


This body wash is nourishing and gentle in the skin

Great smell, great feel

I really like the smell and the feel of it my only concern is that it doesn't sit up well in the shower and the more you use the harder it is for it to stand up.

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