What It Is:

Rice, Japan’s most important crop for over 2000 years. Japanese women found use for the starchy water left over after rice is cooked or left to soak. Rice Water is now used in many beauty routines across Asia for skin and hair.

What It’s For:

Many centuries ago, Japanese women were known for floor length hair that was always shiny and strong. The secret to keeping their jet black locks healthy was to bathe their hair in Rice Water. Quickly catching onto the many beauty benefits of Rice Water, they also started to use it in their skin care routines to promote skin health.

What It Does:

Rice Water contains many vitamins and minerals, including amino acids, vitamins B & E and antioxidants. In hair, soothing Rice Water is known to make hair more smooth and shiny and promote strength. In skin, soothing rice water is pH-balanced and known to promote soft healthy-looking skin.

Natural Rice Water found in:



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