We've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions that customers have about MyKirei by KAO products and ingredients. Learn about Yuzu, Tsubaki. Rice Water and other ingredients found in MyKirei products, how to use them and where to find these items so you can start making your life more Kirei.

Where can I buy MyKirei products?

You can purchase MyKirei products at Amazon, please visit www.amazon.com/mykirei.

Are MyKirei Hand Wash and Body Wash products suitable for all skin types?

The MyKirei Hand Wash and Body Wash products are generally suitable for all skin types when used as directed. However, we do not recommend using them on broken, irritated or inflamed skin.

Can I wash my face with MyKirei Body Wash?

The MyKirei Body Wash with Yuzu and Rice Water is safe to use on your face when used as directed. However, depending on your individual facial cleansing needs, the MyKirei Body Wash may not be your ideal choice. The formula was developed specifically for body cleansing and does not provide the additional benefits—like makeup removal or exfoliation—of a facial cleanser.

Are MyKirei Shampoo and Conditioner suitable for any hair type?

MyKirei Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner with Japanese Tsubaki and Rice Water are safe for every hair type when used as directed. Discontinue use if you experience any sensitivity. We do not recommend usage if you suffer from scalp or hair health issues such as sensitivity, broken or irritated skin, alopecia, or other conditions.

MyKirei products safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

MyKirei products are safe for all adults when used as instructed. However, if you have a specific concern regarding use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, we suggest you consult with your doctor.

Are MyKirei bath foam products suitable for babies or children?

Yes, the MyKirei foam body wash is gently formulated and dermatologist tested. We will share that the fragrances used are very light and contain no harmful ingredients.

What is Rice Water?

Rice Water is the starch-filled water leftover after boiling rice. This ingredient is a common ingredient used in Japan for all of its health and beauty benefits.

What are the benefits of Rice Water for hair? 

Rice Water has a tradition of usage in Japan as an all-natural shampoo over hundreds of years and is reported to nurture strong, shiny hair. This tradition inspired the MyKirei Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner with Japanese Tsubaki and Rice Water.

What are the benefits of Rice Water for skin?

Rice Water has a tradition of usage in Japan for many health and beauty benefits over hundreds of years and is known as the secret to smooth, supple skin.  This tradition inspired the MyKirei Nourishing Hand Wash with Yuzu and Rice Water.

What is Yuzu?

Yuzu is a citrus fruit prevalent in Japan. Yuzu is often put in baths during the winter solstice to ward off any germs and sickness.

What are the benefits of Yuzu for skin?

Yuzu is rich in vitamin C and has been used in Japan for centuries to maintain bright, healthy-looking skin.

What is Tsubaki? 

Tsubaki is a flowering tree in Japan also known as Camellia japonica. It is a very common flower in Japan and used in many products for its health and beauty benefits.

What are the benefits of Tsubaki for hair?

The oil from the seeds is rich in oleic acid and other nutrients and it has been used by Japanese as an all-natural shampoo for centuries for smooth, shiny, strong hair. This tradition inspired the MyKirei Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner with Japanese Tsubaki and Rice Water.

Is the MyKirei Nourishing Hand Wash antibacterial?

The Nourishing Hand Wash is not antibacterial. However, with good cleansing habits, the hand wash will wash away germs that may already be on hands.

Do MyKirei products contain nut-derived ingredients?

Based on the information available to us, MyKirei products do not contain nut-derived ingredients. However, consumers have allergies to many known and occasionally new nut species, and variability in our supply can occur with naturally derived materials. We recommend that any people with an extreme sensitivity consult with their doctor before using.

Do MyKirei products contain silicones?

MyKirei cleansing products do not contain silicones. But, silicone is a component of the MyKirei Conditioner. Silicones are a family of highly effective, inert chemical compounds, which means they don’t react with skin or hair. They are so safe for humans that they are widely used in the medical industry for applications such as bandages, micro-fluids and contact lenses.
There are a wide variety of silicones which can be used at different levels and in different combinations to provide benefits to the hair such as frizz protection, heat protection, softening, smoothing and detangling.  When silicone products first launched many years ago, they were developed using heavier silicones at higher levels that tended to build up on hair. Today’s products are formulated to be suitable for all hair types.  And, if you do experience some build up on hair, cleansing with a clarifying shampoo is an effective way to remove.

We understand that there are also some concerns over potential impact of specific cyclic silicones (D4 and D5) on the environment.  Silicones are used in many industries beyond personal care products, including automotive, cookware, dry cleaning and electronics. However, as D4 and D5 have been used historically in cosmetics products, governmental agencies have been reviewing and placing restrictions on these particular materials. Where we use silicones, we ensure that usage is at levels that are compliant with global government regulations.

Are MyKirei products environmentally friendly? 

Yes. All MyKirei products packaged in the breakthrough AIR bottle are environmentally friendly products. These eco-friendly bottles use up to 50% less plastic compared to traditional bottles. The air within the structure of the package gives the bottle its rigidity and strength.  By reducing the volume of plastic entering the environment, we are making life more beautiful.

Is the MyKirei product packaging recyclable? 

Yes. The packages may be recycled through the TerraCycle® program. Once received from Terracycle®, they work to upcycle the material so that we reduce plastic waste in the world.  Please visit www.terracycle.com for details.

What is special about the MyKirei package? What makes the MyKirei package better for the environment? Why does the MyKirei package look so different from others?

The MyKirei AIR bottle package was developed to utilize 50% less plastic than traditional bottles so that there is less plastic waste in the environment and landfills. We believe that recycling is great for the environment, however, even better is reducing the amount of plastic entering the environment so that there is less that needs to be recycled.

This environmentally friendly package is specially designed with air-filled compartments on the outer edges of the bottle. Think of a pool float. When it is empty, the float is a flimsy piece of plastic that sinks if you put weight on it. Then once inflated with air, the tubes in the float become more rigid and can hold a person above water. Similar to this example, the air-filled tubes in the MyKirei package give the same strength of traditional bottles even though the plastic layers are much thinner. The bottle is strong enough to stand upright in the shower and to remain firm when pumping the product to dispense.

The inner portion of this unique package collapses as the product is expelled resulting in a near 100% evacuation rate – this means there’s no product being wasted, it also means less waste in the landfill if that is where it ends up or if it is recycled it means less energy required to clean the material for recycling.

Are MyKirei products biodegradable?

Yes. The product formulas range from 96% to 98% biodegradable.

Do MyKirei products contain palm oil? 

Yes. The formulas each contain some cleansing materials that have been obtained from palm oil.  KAO Corporation is a member of the RSPO, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, and is committed to continual improvement in the sourcing of certified palm oil materials including traceability to the mill and plantation. 

Do MyKirei products contain parabens?

No. Although parabens have been extensively studied and determined to be safe for usage in personal care products by expert scientific panels and governmental regulatory agencies, we recognize that some consumers have chosen to avoid usage of parabens and these formulas have been developed without them.

We understand that there are stories circulating on the internet about estrogenic or hormonal effects. The studies measured the effects of parabens to be 100,000 times lower than estrogen naturally occurring in the human body. They are also 10,000 times lower than phytoestrogens which are naturally occurring in soy and other plants. Parabens are naturally occurring in many foods that we enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle. These include cucumbers, carrots, onions, blueberries and cherries.

The health and safety of our consumers is of paramount importance. We closely examine all the ingredients in our products, including preservatives. These ingredients are safe for humans and are proven to be highly effective in keeping the products themselves safe by preventing the growth of fungi, bacteria, and yeast that could otherwise cause contamination. KAO uses these at the lowest possible level for maximal benefit.

Do MyKirei products contain animal-derived ingredients? 

MyKirei products do not contain animal-derived ingredients. This combined with the avoidance of animal testing make the products suitable for a vegan-friendly lifestyle.

Are MyKirei products tested on animals? 

No. Development of MyKirei personal care products avoids animal testing. We follow the conventions of the EU and other governmental bans on animal testing for cosmetics. Occasionally, laws and regulations require testing of certain ingredients outside of the cosmetics category. Since the 1980’s, KAO Corporation has been actively working together with industry associations and relevant third parties to find robust alternatives to animal testing many of which have been successfully adopted as international guidelines for non-animal testing.

Does the production of MyKirei products limit release of 1,4-dioxane?

The chemical 1,4-dioxane has garnered some attention from both politicians and government groups. This chemical is not an ingredient added to beauty products, but it may be produced during a chemical reaction between other ingredients like detergents, foaming agents, emulsifiers and solvents.
Due to improved manufacturing processes and safety evaluations of this chemical, the US FDA reports the levels of 1,4-dioxane are declining in the products they test. At KAO, our safety team evaluates all products for the presence of 1,4-dioxane to keep the level as low as possible and it is not present in many of our products. The trace concentration that may be produced during manufacturing of  KAO products is safe. In addition, we support ongoing efforts to reduce regulatory concentrations to less than 10 ppm. 

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